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I can clean my own pool, but struggle with the chemical balance, can you help me?

Yes, we can! We offer a weekly chemical option in addition to our full weekly service. This is an excellent choice for those who like to putter around their pool, but are chemically challenged.


Am I required to sign a contract?
No, you are not locked into any sort of contract. We provide you with a Proposal for Service, which details what is included in our weekly maintenance plan and ask you to sign acknowledging the details.  You can cancel service at anytime, although we do ask out of consideration that you provide us with at least 7 days notice to remove you from our busy schedule.


Can I switch plans in the winter?
Absolutely! We are very flexible with our service plans. We can provide full service during swim season, chemical service only during the winter.


Do I need my pool serviced every week? 

Definitely! A properly maintained pool is the only way to ensure that your pool will be clean, blue and ready to use.


Why do you bill in advance?
We bill on the 1st of each service month for the current month. Payments are due by the 20th, and considered late on the 30th. So technically, you have recieved most, if not all of your weekly service visits before your payment is due.

How will I know that my pool has been serviced? 
Besides the obvious, your pool looking sparkling clean ... We have options! You will received a time, date and GPS stamped e-mail alerting you that your service is complete, or we can leave a handwritten service tag at the property.


Can I change the day my pool is serviced?
Your pool service day of the week is part of a carefully planned, optimized route. This helps keep our service rates low, so we do not grant requests for specific days. However, you can certainly inquire and if we can accommodate you, we will!


I’m having a party; can you clean the pool that day?
Absolutely. Please just give us 7 days notice to fit you in our schedule. We make every effort to accommodate these requests.


My pool was just serviced, why is it cloudy?
The use of Calcium Hypo Chloride, a shock treatment that is used to sanitize the water can make the pool appear cloudy for up to 24 hours after servicing. It is normally safe to swim after just a few hours after application.


Do you accept credit cards?
We do! Sign up for e-mail billing, where you'll receive a link to pay your bill online via Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. You can also call the office and set up automatic credit card payments for your monthly bill.

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