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"Saul, I knew you were good ... but not that good. 24 hours after you were here, the pool turned blue. The next time you are here, you can show me how you walk on water!"  Tony, Sonoma

"Your service price is a bargain just for your advise and expertise. Wish I had started working with you a decade ago!"  John, Sonoma

"We don't use SVPS for pool service, but when our pool heater broke, they were recommended to us by our pool guy and Saul has done a great job fixing our equipment since then. Nice, easy to deal with, straightforward." Mark H., Mill Valley

"Saul and Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa are awesome! Experienced, professional, and dedicated. Totally saved our pool and salvaged the rest of summer for the family. They responded to my inquiry very quick, came out, gave an estimate, and set aside the days to clean our big pool all within the same week. Pool is back to normal and Saul has been helping us with maintaining and other questions at a moments notice. Very thankful. If you need help with your pool you better call Saul!" P.D. San Francisco

"I have used Sonoma Valley Pool for over 15 years. Wonderful people and excellent service!"  Barbara, Sonoma via Nextdoor


"Saul at Sonoma Valley Pool put my solar in years ago and it works great. He is the BEST!"  Sharon,  Sonoma via Nextdoor

"I highly recommend Saul at Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa. He services several of my neighbors. He often helps me with issues I can't handle myself. He is reliable, always responds when you contact him and is luckily most kind and willing to help an old lady!" Barbara,  Sonoma via Nextdoor

"I have used Saul's services for over 20 years. Excellent!" Howard,  Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Saul knows pools!" Stefania, Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Saul is the best! I have used him for years and he is always there for you!" Chris, Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Excellent service, very reliable!" NJW Sonoma via Online Review

"We have worked with Saul at Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa for more than a decade and have always been happy."  Erin, Realtor in Sonoma via Nextdoor

"My guy, Saul is great with spas. He does my weekly pool service and also looks after my spa. He has kept the old one running for about 15 years - even after it was flooded in the New Year's Flood of '06. You should call him, and say that I recommended him. Very nice guy!" Alice,  Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Saul at Sonoma Valley Pool and Spa is wonderful!" Tracy, Sonoma via Nextdoor

"I use Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa. Saul is dedicated, competent and knowledgable and a great person!." Barbara, Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Thank you for your excellent service and providing above and beyond what is typically done. We appreciate what Saul does for us, and also appreciate the friendship that has developed." Greg, Sonoma

"Sonoma Valley Pool and Spa, Saul is the best." Diana Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa. Saul is a great guy and I definitely recommend him!" Jake Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Saul always puts things into perspective and provides practical advice." O.Z, Sonoma

"Excellent service and communication.  I get an e-mail report when the service is complete.  Really appreciate the weekly service and repair wrapped into one company." Ryan, Sonoma

"I most definitely agree with all these reviews for Sonoma Valley Pool. Saul is a hard working, responsible person. Very helpful and pleasant to do business with." Eleanor,  Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Thank you, thank you! Saul is the best!" Ilsa,  Sonoma


"We have used Saul's services over the last 10 years --usually for a one time cleaning/adjusting at the beginning of the pool season ( we otherwise take care of the pool ourselves) and for the couple of repairs that have been required.  He has always provided excellent, honest service.  The business is well run, and Jolie is very good about returning calls."

Sylvia, Sonoma

"Saul is the best, you can depend on him!" Corrie, Sonoma via Nextdoor

 "I strongly recommend Saul! He's efficient, dedicated, provides an excellent service and he's local! Absolutely reliable."

Veronica, Sonoma

"I find Saul thorough, knowledgeable and a delight of a person."  Barbara, Sonoma

"Saul is wonderful! We met him during the inspection process while buying our home and we could not have been happier with his service over the past 18 months. He is prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably prices. We cannot recommend him more highly."  Jennifer, Sonoma

"Frankly, if I haven't already said it, the pool has never looked so good since you've started servicing it. I am thrilled, and appreciate your responsiveness. Thank you for all your good work!"   Liz, Sonoma

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of my hot tub!  It’s such a pleasure that’s it’s always so sparkling clean!"       Louann, Sonoma

"Love Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa! Saul is the nicest guy and good at diagnosing" Elaine, Sonoma via Nextdoor

"Saul, thank you for the new equipment installation. You provided clean, mechanical workmanship.  Everything is working great. You can use me as a reference anytime."  Ed, Sonoma

" I have a small pool that I take care of myself, but whenever I have I problem Saul comes out and fixes things. He is always prompt, friendly and very helpful. Lately the algae has been out of control which I was unable to remedy myself. Saul explained that everyone was experiencing this problem due to the drought and the low water table. He treated the pool and it looks beautiful. My pool supply store also said that business is way up due to the algae and confirmed Saul's reason."  DD, Sonoma

"Saul is amazing. He has been taking care of my family's pool for years, and is hardworking, contentious, and one of the most honest people I know. I would trust him, and his company, with any job.  I have been working in the service industry for many years, and I know great service when I see it. Integrity is hard to come by at any price, and yet, Saul is surprisingly affordable. I don't give many 5 star reviews. I'm picky, fussy and demanding. Saul consistently exceeds my expectations and I'd give him 6 stars if I could. Simply put: the best in not only the pool business, but in any business."  Paul, Sonoma

"Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa has been wonderful, and I appreciate the great service!"  Tamera, Sonoma

"I was referred to Sonoma Valley Pool by my neighbor who has been a customer for 12+ years. They responded promptly, and I found Saul to be a good natured, knowledgeable serviceman.  I appreciate the reliable service and e-mailed service notifications. Their communication is outstanding, a rarity in the service industry." Ray, Sonoma

"Saul definitely stands by his work. After a minor warranty issue arose on a job he did 18 months ago, he responded immediately and promptly remedied the issue - without charge.  I would not hesitate to recommend Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa in our community."  Leo, Sonoma

"There should be a cavalry fanfare every time Saul gallops to my rescue!"  Beverley, Sonoma

“We moved into a house in Sonoma with a spa, and of course didn't know anything about spas, but got Saul's name as someone who had serviced it previously.  He came by and gave me a detailed "in service" on maintenance, chemicals, red flags, use parameters.  Then he gave me a bromine dispenser that he happened to have as an extra, and refused to charge me anything for any of it.  Mind you, I didn't hire him to do regular maintenance on our spa, as I think I can handle it based on his in service, so he didn't do this with a regular client in mind.  (But if I go wrong on it, Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa will be where I go!)”  Marty, Sonoma

“My pool is looking stellar!  Thanks for all you do Saul!!”  Molly, Sonoma

"Thank you again for being an honest + dependable company. It's always a pleasure using your services.  I will always refer pool and spa work to the two of you!"  Dennis, Sonoma

"It's never too late- or too frequent to show our deep appreciation for your kindness (so many! so often!) to us.  Thank you for understanding us, and our life, and being so instrumental in making it enjoyable! Best wishes to you & your family."

Jeanie, Sonoma

"I thought customer service and professionalism was "out the window" in the service industry until I met Saul. He is competent, knowledgeable, and very agreeable to work with. Plus, he is always right there if there is an emergency, and believe me running a B&B, I've had some! I never have to worry about what needs to be maintained such as repairs, replacements, and water levels, etc., as Saul keeps track of what needs to be done. I am always advised the most inexpensive way to handle out of the ordinary maintenance. He cares for my pool and spa as if it were his own, and the office staff is excellent. I've never called when I had to leave a message. Someone is always there to help and advise me. And I trust them completely; what more could one ask??"

Cindy, Sonoma

"I have worked with Saul for many years now. When I learned that he had opened his own pool business, I contacted him immediately. Saul and Jolie make a great team. Saul always goes the extra mile for me. You don't find that caliber of service to often and I for one appreciate it. I would recommend their service to anyone without hesitation." Beth, Sonoma

"Saul, at Sonoma Valley Pool and Spa is wonderful.  He does a fantastic job, and is professional in every way.  Love that you can contact either online or over the phone.  He always gets back, and delivers what is promised with a cheery attitude.  I can't say enough good things about his company.  Highly recommend."  Katy, Sonoma

"Outstanding family owned/family run business. I put a new pool in at my house and was referred to Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa by the builder for the aftercare/maintenence. Over a year now and pool is sparkling as much in the winter as in the summer. I've never seen a trace of algae appear in the pool. Saul is always available by cell phone and always answers or calls back immediately. Cost is very reasonable and service is top notch! A fine example of a small family business run to perfection. A++++"

Ron, Sonoma

"Great service, great people! Saul and Jolie are so easy to work with. Their communication with the customer is wonderful and you can always reach them if you have a question. My pool is getting A-#1 service...and it shows!"  Stephen, Sonoma

"Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa has been a huge help to us in improving and maintaining our pool - including flawless conversion to a salt water system 2 years ago, a process that could not have been easier without the expert advice and professionalism of SV Pool & Spa. Most recently we had a major problem with the pool - the winter and spring rains had washed a layer of mud and silt into the pool and turned it into a murky green and brown swamp.  Without missing a beat, Saul came to the rescue and knew exactly how to correct the problem and bring our pool back.  Best of all, we had a clean and clear, fully restored pool just in time for the start of summer.  Our kids and their friends from the neighborhood are enjoying the pool every day, and we never thought this would be possible from the condition it was in only three weeks ago.  Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa always exceeds our expectations with great service at reasonable cost, and they are reliable.  Thank you Saul and Jolie!"  Doug, Sonoma

"Jolie - You are awesome, this is the best service I have ever had from anyone. Thank you so much! The Duoclear is going to help us get our pool up and running sooner, I'll let you know when it arrives! I'm definitely going to recommend you to everyone I know." Drew, Sonoma

"The recent cold weather froze and cracked some of my hot tub plumbing. Saul came to the rescue once again. Quick, reliable service as always. Small town service at its finest! Thanks again Saul and Sonoma Valley Pool!" J.A., Sonoma

"Saul and Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa are the best!  We were having some issues with our pool and he came out the same day.  Within a couple of days our pool was sparkling and the kids were able to swim!  Our pool has never looked better.  They are great!" Rhonda, Napa

"We have used Saul since 1999 and have nothing but praise for him. Saul is honest and good natured and goes above and beyond the call of duty to try and squeeze us in even on crazy holidays like 4th of July or Memorial Day, and that despite the fact that he has over 100 customers who all want their pool cleaned "yesterday." He hones in on problem issues quickly and takes care of them and we find his prices reasonable. Best of all, he takes the time to explain exactly what the issues with the pool are, the work he did, and even instructs us as to how we can continue to keep our pool as sparkling as possible. We highly recommend Saul and Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa!!" Stewart, Sonoma

"Before I hired Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa....I had a cess pool. No was a scary disgusting green slimy swamp. It was unsanitary and embarrassing. I didn't have the time, knowledge or inclination to maintain it and assumed that hiring a pool service would be waaay too expensive. I was referred to this local family run business by another ecstatic customer and I can't tell you have relieved I am. For less than my daily latte habit, Saul comes once a week and works his magic. Imagine my surprise when one day after a big storm Saul showed up unscheduled "just to check on things". This is why I will never stray. If ever I have a question or issue Saul or his super helpful and knowledgeable wife Jolie are available 24/7...she returned one of my calls while she was away with her kids at Lego Land.  These are honest, RELIABLE, hardworking folks and I cannot say enough about how much I value their service!"   Lola, Sonoma

"Saul is such a great guy! He knows most people are on a budget and is one of those rare service people who actually tries to teach the customer things about their pool so that they can do some of the tasks themselves. He is punctual and has been in business so many years that he is an expert with pools and spas & his prices are way more reasonable than most other pool services.  I would highly recommend Saul and Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa to anyone!" Jill, Sonoma

"Saul is the best guy around for pool service.  He services our pool and we are extremely happy with it.  We have a giant pool that requires a lot of attention and tweaking and he is always around to make sure it looks great every day of the year.  He is honest, and we trust him completely. When we call for help he reacts immediately and lets us know what he will be doing to fix it and when he will be doing that work. Saul is the standard for all contractors to compare themselves.  We will continue to have Saul service our pool as long as he is in business." The Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma

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