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System 3 S7M120 Inner Pool Filters

System 3 S7M120 Inner Pool Filters

  • Specifications: Inner Filter:Length:25 1/4", outside diameter:8 3/4", filtration area:100 sq.ft. Outer Filter:Length:18 3/4", outside diameter:16 1/2", filtration area:200 sq.ft.
  • Replacement Filter: Inner Filter:Replaces 25021-0200S (S7M120) 25021-0200, 25021-0200S. Outer Filter:Replaces Sta Rite 25022-0201S.
  • Reinforcement Structure: With thickened trilobal fabric, heavy chlorine and break resistant end caps and reinforced center support, the filter provides high power propulsion flow and crystal clear water for your relaxed and healthy enjoyment.
  • Powerful Filtration Performance: Uniformity and high-performance trilobal fabrics have a higher capacity than ordinary bonded fabrics. The trilobal shape of the fabric fibers also helps capture particles, increases efficiency without causing pressure drop loss, and helps reduce the frequency of filter cleaning.
  • Easy to Clean: We suggest to rinse your pool filters regularly with clean water, this will help remove dirt and protect your filter material. With regular cleaning, the filter also needs to be replaced regularly to make your pool filter work more efficiently.
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