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Vacation Rental Service

Does your vacation rental have a swimming pool and/or spa? 

Let Sonoma Valley Pool & Spa be your most valuable swimming pool resource.

We can boost your bottom line. We will help you generate more rental income by having a professionally maintained clean, safe and inviting swimming pool and/or spa. We will minimize your pools operating expenses with energy efficient equipment and knowledgable, creative programming.

We offer Peace of Mind. We provide time, date and GPS stamped weekly e-mail service notifications to let you know that your swimming pool has been serviced. Rest assured that routine maintenance and supplies are taken care of promptly. Vacation rental pool repairs are given top priority to ensure an uninterrupted guest experience.

We tailor your schedule. Regular service is schedule once a week on a carefully optimized route. For our vacation rentals, we will tailor your schedule to match your check-ins, guaranteeing a fresh, clean and inviting swimming pool for your guests.

We’re available 24/7. Should problems arise with your swimming pool, we respond lightening fast. We’ll provide a brochure to place in your rental handbook that explains how the pool is cared for, serviced regularly and ready for your guests safety and enjoyment. It also includes tips on maintaining the water level, FAQ’s and contact numbers to alert us if there are any problems.

We are professionals. Licensed and insured in the state of California, we are knowledgable, attentive and reliable, as well as thoughtful, considerate and discreet. All the qualities that we expect to receive when we are on vacation.


In addition to providing unrivaled customer service in the valley, we understand that distance is likely your biggest challenge. You can also consider us an extra set of eyes on your property, a welcome, added benefit to our non-owner occupied properties.

"I thought customer service and professionalism was "out the window" in the service industry until I met Saul. He is competent, knowledgeable, and very agreeable to work with. Plus, he is always right there if there is an emergency, and believe me running a B&B, I've had some! I never have to worry about what needs to be maintained such as repairs, replacements, and water levels, etc., as Saul keeps track of what needs to be done. I am always advised the most inexpensive way to handle out of the ordinary maintenance. He cares for my pool and spa as if it were his own, and the office staff is excellent. I've never called when I had to leave a message. Someone is always there to help and advise me. And I trust them completely; what more could one ask??"  Cindy, Sonoma

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